Time to check out the updates! We’ve FINALLY got Event Comics Month III, things that are going to be happening in the next few months, and the update convention schedule! Spoilers: there’s only one coming up now.

Schedule of Upcoming Episodes

It is very likely there won’t be any major updated near the end of July. A lot of side projects have had to be pushed by the wayside for a variety of reasons and, this year in particular, hasn’t had a lot that I have felt the need to comment on for general updates about the site. Rather than have a shorter State of the Wall in a few months, I’m electing to share FOUR months worth’ this time around. As always, this schedule is subject to change for any number of reasons, but the Patreon episodes in particular are likely locked in for their release schedule.

6/1 – DC Challenge! #1
6/8 – PATREON: Zyurangers Episodes 40-43
6/15 – Trouble #5
6/22 – PATREON: Dan Dare: Voyage to Venus
6/29 – Superman #358

Event Comics Month III: Crisis of the Secret House
7/6 – Zero Hour: Crisis in Time
7/13 – House of M
7/20 – Secret Empire
7/27 – Heroes in Crisis

8/3 – Dinosaur Rex #1
8/10 – Ninjutsu #1
8/17 – PATREON: Green Goblin #1-2, 4, 8, 12-13
8/24 – Titans/Teen Titans/Deathstroke: The Lazarus Contract
8/31 – Mr. T and the T-Force #5

9/7 – PSA Hell: The Amazing Spider-Man: Riot at Robotworld
9/14 – PATREON: Emergency! #1
9/21 – No AT4W This week (See below)
9/28 – US-1 #9

New Show
As you can see above, the week of September 21st is NOT going to have an Atop the Fourth Wall episode. As I’ve been saying for a while now, a new show focusing on horror content will be starting up! It’ll be an occasional thing, with a week of AT4W off during that time. I want to reassure people that Atop the Fourth Wall will NOT be ending nor do I have any intention of ever stopping it. In this case I see it as more akin to how Todd in the Shadows has different shows – his regular pop music reviews, One Hit Wonderland, and Trainwreckords.

Sure, there will be a new host character and format, but basically it’s just a fun new show I do occasionally (most likely during 5-week months). The first episode will basically be the pilot, so not everything will necessarily have all the kinks worked out, but hopefully you’ll give it a shot!

Many have wondered why the Contest of Champions storyline hasn’t resumed as of late. The answer is pretty simple: COVID. While Minnesota has lifted its lockdown restrictions, most of us around here are still trying to maintain social distancing and generally healthy practices. As a result, the next part of the storyline (which is the wrestling match between Linkara and Heavy Wrex), cannot be filmed. Once things have died down we can actually get around to doing it. Obviously this sucks and it’s thrown a lot of plans into the air, but rest assured when we CAN resume filming, we will.

I do love how this storyline, which was supposed to be a fun little thing after so many serious, heavy emotional arcs, has now stretched far past the point it was supposed to. At this rate, we’ll finish the Contest in five years, with each year having one major battle in it.

In case you hadn’t heard, Viga and I are moving again soon! Long story short, rent keeps going up too high on the place we’re currently at, so we’re in the process of buying a house. If everything goes to plan, there shouldn’t be any disruption in regular episode releases and we’ll show off the new filming space when it’s available to show.

Mass Effect is done with! Obviously I need to get around to posting not only those around here, but get back to editing Pokemon HeartGold Randomized Nuzlocke videos, but needless to say if you come to the weekly live streams, we’ll be starting a new game up June 27th if you want to join in on the shenanigans. Otherwise, come on in for Saturday June 20th for a Jackbox stream!

Patreon Sales Tax
There are new laws requiring Patreon to comply with sales tax requirements on pledges. I’m sorry I haven’t had a chance to talk with you guys about it until now – we’ve been kind of busy around here. This normally means that you’re going to get charged slightly more for pledges with certain rewards (check with whomever you patron to see if it affects you there) good news is that it doesn’t look like anything on my end really has sales tax on it… with the exception of the $20 pledge level.

Now, this level was originally conceived when I had fewer items for sale and all of them started at $20, which is usually the price for new DVDs and everything else lowers down with each new product. However, since the release of the A Voice From the Dark CD, none of the regular DVDs are $20 and the price of a DVD and a badge does not justify the price point. It’s also not a pledge level that many take advantage of anymore, and as such starting on July 1st I’ll be retiring the $20 pledge level. Those in that level can stay pledging that amount if they so choose, otherwise feel free to select a new tier for your pledge.

And since I get this message every single time it goes away, the review request  slot will return in September. As always, it’s first-come, first-serve so good luck if you can get it. I do not know if it’s going to require sales tax, but my apologies in advance if it does.

Longbox Bumper Contest
I’m currently still planning on doing on the Longbox of the Damned Bumper Contest this year. I know this may be more difficult this time around due to COVID preventing people from working with others, but hopefully things will be looking up come July/August/early-September. Starting thinking up ideas for it now!

Obviously with COVID going on, many conventions have been cancelled or rescheduled. I was originally going to attend CONvergence this August in Minnesota, but they have officially announced it as cancelled and are working on providing refunds or allowing people to carry over into next year. I’m currently planning on keeping to that. I had had arrangements to once again attend Oni-Con this fall, but I’ve heard nothing new on if that is cancelled yet or not. As such, only one convention is currently still on the docket for me – Too Many Games, which has been moved to September. We’ll see if that sticks to it. As such, details below.

Too Many Games: While I have not officially been announced yet, I have been confirmed to be a guest at Too Many Games this year at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, Pennsylvania on September 25-27! I will likely be doing a few panels there as well as be at a table with all the goodies you may want to buy or have signed by me, so please come by!

That’s it for now! Leave your comments below!

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