This one’s a bit late due to being busy with other stuff… and honestly there’s not a lot of things to talk about, but still stuff! Check it out below the cut!

Schedule of Upcoming Reviews

4/1 – Lamp Review
4/8 – PATREON: Batman: The Dark Knight #16-17
4/15 – PATREON: Tremors
4/22 – Ultimate Power #5
Movie Adaptation Month
4/29 – Batman Forever: The Official Comic Adaptation
5/6 – Street Fighter: The Movie
5/13 – Catwoman
5/20 – Dune
5/27 – Superman 4

As always, the schedule is subject to change due to unforseen factors. Storyline should be resuming before the end of April.

History of Power Rangers
History of Power Rangers for Ninja Steel is coming in May, as I said last State of the Wall. Specifically it will be May 24th. There is no specific time planned for it and I have yet to watch it as of yet.

Recently, I did a series of streams to help with my taxes – a fully-randomized Pokémon Yellow playthrough that people seem to have enjoyed (it will be concluding on Thursday the 18th so that we can finally get through the Elite 4). Otherwise, streaming continues on Saturday nights at 8 PM, with us currently going through Link’s Awakening DX for the Gameboy Color.

For those who have been suggesting games to stream, please bear in mind that I do not have access to a capture card of any kind. As such, I am unable to stream most console games unless an emulator for it is available, so for the moment any console-based games will be retro-only.

Likewise, as soon as Link’s Awakening is complete, we will be moving on to another Pokémon title (since, you know, I’m kind of a fan and all). When that happens, I’ll be making a poll for Patrons to choose which game we’ll be going with – likely choosing between Platinum, HeartGold, or White 2. However, for now, you can continue to enjoy the adventures of Knill, Gardener of Hyrule.

I’m currently enjoying the Saturday Night streaming, but is there another time that people would prefer I be doing? Feel free to let me know.

Patreon-Sponsored Episodes
When May rolls around, the Patreon-sponsored episode slots will be closed once again. This is to help ensure that I don’t get overwhelmed by those episodes when I want to focus on some stuff of my own choosing. The slots will reopen in September.

So far, the new system of paying one month as a down-payment, then putting in a second payment the next is working out just fine. Everyone seems happy with it, so we’ll stick to it for the time being. That being said, there is still a problem with some people managing to snag the slot after already having gotten it before and in the future I may institute a new rule making a lifetime limit of how many requests you can make (or, at least, after a certain number upping the limit to once every two years instead of once a year). It’s nothing personal, I just want to ensure that others get a chance to make a request if they’ve never done so before.

Hashtag-Secret Project continues! I’m still hoping to have a formal announcement of it at the end of April/beginning of May. Work on it is going along nicely and it’s actual release time will likely be mid-to-late May at the current pace, though of course that’s subject to change due to any number of factors that might unexpectedly fall on me. Still, expect the answer to what the hell the thing is very soon!


Anime Midwest  – I will be at Anime Midwest from July 5-7 at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare in Rosemont, IL! This will be my… what, 5th? 6th? time coming to the con and hope to see you all there!

There will be other announcements hopefully soon, but that’s the one that’s the closest to now.

Feel free to give any comments or thoughts on all this as you like!


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