Been a while since a State of the Wall mostly due to a bunch of stuff happening behind the scenes. I’m still not ready to announce some things, but people have been curious for a while about stuff like upcoming episodes so hopefully this will hold you over for a bit!

Schedule of Upcoming Episodes

3/??? – What Dreams May Come: The Sandman Retrospective (More info Below)
3/??? – Patreon-sponsored episode
4/3 – Animax #2
4/10 – The Dome: Ground Zero
4/17 – PATREON: Action Comics #1 (Non-Superman Stories)
4/24 – PATREON: Transformers (Marvel UK) #132-134
5/1 – Just Imagine Stan Lee Creating Robin
5/8 – Mr. T and the T-Force #8
5/15 – PATREON: The Dresden Files: Storm Front, vol. 2
5/22 – LATE NIGHT DOUBLE FEATURE: House on Haunted Hill Night
5/29 –PATREON: Captain Marvel: The Last Avenger (Captain Marvel #12-16)
6/5 – Batman vs. the Predator #1
6/12 – PATREON: E-Robot Chapter 1
6/19 – The Star Wars #8
6/26 – PATREON: Overwatch: “Legacy” and “Old Soldiers”

As always, the schedule is subject to change for any reason save for Patreon-sponsored episodes, which are locked in by Patreon requests. Late Night Double Feature has gotten the shaft as of late due to schedule slippages, but hopefulyl we’ll FINALLY get House on Haunted Hill Night – it’s been too long since we caught up with Clive Sinclair!

Now, the Sandman retrospective. There are no dates on that and that’s for a good reason. The current plan is for four parts – (#1-20, #21-40, #41-60, #61-75). The schedule slippages have been such a problem for a while now and they usually come about because of longer videos – History of Power Rangers, long Patreon requests, retrospectives like this, etc. As such, I have come up with a cunning plan – writing is still a huuuuge part of the process and can potentially be the longest step, so instead of trying to do this week to week, I’m going to write all four episodes at once, film them all at once, and release them relatively close together (obviously separated by days depending on how long editing takes).

Why still four episodes instead of one massive one? Episode count, honestly. Even now I have plans for the 1,000th episode in a few years and I’ve done projections of ROUGHLY where the 800th, 900th, and 1000th episodes will land. If I want them to hit at specific times, I need to keep up with posting multiple episodes wherever possible. So the retrospective will be in multiple episodes as per usual with a compilation of those episodes down the road.

And then there’s that other video listed there. There was another Patreon-sponsored episode that was SUPPOSED to come out in January. I asked the Patron if we could hold off on it for a bit (originally for February, but, well, plans change) because it perfectly ties into the finale for the storyline, so expect that at some point – most likely this month, but possible spilling into April.

History of Power Rangers
I hope everyone’s enjoyed the Dino Fury video! Obviously people have had a looooot of questions concerning this upcoming year, with the 30th anniversary special and the upcoming Cosmic Fury season, along with the remaining rerelases of old HOPR videos.

Let’s get that last bit out of the way first. I want 2023 to be the year where I get a lot of stuff that was SUPPOSED to be finished done with. I did that already with Pokémon Omicron in January – releasing all the remaining parts (which reminds me, need to put up all those remaining episodes onto the site – the videos themselves have been released on my Youtube Channel). One of those is to finally get the rest of HOPR restored. Now some HOPR have segments missing due to ContentID claims and that’s certainly on the docket, but I want to have the remaining SERIES that haven’t been rereleased back up and running. There are five remaining – Ninja Storm, Dino Thunder, SPD, Mystic Force, and RPM. Ninja storm’s revised script is done and I’ll be working on it soon. RPM will require the least amount of new work since the audio quality for that one is fine – I just need to add in explanations of scenes that I originally just had the dialogue play out (and likely remove the “Let’s See How Far We’ve Come” section, sadly, as I did for In Space – probably no new montage) as well as, of course, re-edit clips to be 7 seconds or less.

Now, as for “Once and Always” and “Cosmic Fury.” The CURRENT plan, given that Cosmic Fury will be only 10 episodes long, is to do both in the same video. I am always baffled by people asking “Will you cover this???” in regards to stuff like Once and Always, as if I would leave out a massive special that brings back past Rangers. It probably won’t tie into anything happening in Cosmic Fury, but as far as I can tell it’s canon and it’s a part of the TV franchise so it needs to be looked at as part of HOPR. It’s not like the 2017 movie or Hyperforce where it’s a reboot or a show that’s basically watching an entertaining D&D session.

Now, if they will REMAIN in the same video will be determined by how much content is in Once and Always. I don’t know how long the special will be nor if there’s enough content to be looked at on its own. Probably not, but we will see.

Winter of ’83 DVD
In case you somehow missed the original announcement or the promotion in a few episodes, Winter of ’83 – my original analog horror movie released last year as an April Fools video – got a DVD release recently! It contains three new segments plus a commentary track by myself and the Game Show Reviewer where we talk a lot of behind the scenes of it, so get your copy now!

Purchase the DVD here:
Purchase it digitally here:
Purchase all individual Atop the Fourth Wall DVDs here:

I have plans for a couple of projects like this in the future – another original movie/short film I’m working on in the background a bit as well as a potential sequel, but neither are the top priorities for me at the moment (especially a sequel, since while I have a ton of ideas, I don’t have a FULL story for it yet).

At the time of this writing, Fes (the physical actor for the Bandit Chief) and I have had a big planning meeting for filming the finale to the Contest of Champions.

In case you didn’t see my announcements about it elsewhere, the Game Show Reviewer and I have decided it would be best to not work on the Space Race portion – the missing segment of the Contest – until I put together the compilation video of all the storyline segments. The reason is pretty simple: the effects work. The race is effects heavy unlike any other we’ve done – it’s a fairly long script for it as it is, but since it’s either green screened cockpits or spaceships doing a loooot of spaceship stuff, it’s all CGI and he’s one dude doing it all. He already had to delay a lot of work because he got married back in November, but we estimate it’ll take waaaay too long to finish this if it’s our priority and we both agree on one thing: this storyline needs to end.

The Contest of Champions was supposed to be a fun, quick, easy storyline but things have just kept conspiring to screw it up – the pandemic, needing to rely on other actors, the amount of effects necessary not just for the race segment, but ALL the segments. It technically began in 2017 and we’re now in 2023. A third of my show’s existence has been devoted to it and I’ve had to put off other storylines I’ve wanted to do, cut a bunch of content I had originally planned for it… and yeah, this just needs to end.

We’re filming the finale, going to try to make it as fun and entertaining as we can, but one way or another we’re moving on from this. I had originally set a deadline in January to have it done by then or else just make a video explaining what was SUPPOSED to have happened and just make that the canon ending, but after all the investment into this finale, the only way I’m going forward is by finishing this.

Once it’s done, we’ll move onto the next storyline – the Architects of Mirrors, which is considerably simpler, less effects heavy, less other actors, and finally resolves a few things in the background that have been simmering. I appreciate everyone’s patience during all this.

The pandemic is still going on regardless of what anyone might say, with infections rates still a problem. Get vaccinated and wear masks. However, it feels like thanks to those vaccinations we’re surviving it more and people are attending cons more and more frequently and the same is true for me.

Anime Boston – Viga is going to be a guest at Anime Boston from April 7-9 in Boston, Massachusetts and she’s bringing me along! I won’t have any panels, but I’ll be running her table and selling some of my own wares like DVDs, little mini Pollo figurines, and more!

There are currently some talks about me attending Too Many Games again this year in June, but sadly plans have not been finalized yet. I hope to have something for you soon, so feel free to check back on this post for updates later!

Thank you all for your continued patience and support and I hope you enjoy everything that’s coming up!

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