Time once again to see how well this wall is doing, so click “read more” to see the list of upcoming episodes, updates on the movie, the patreon, and everything else!

Schedule of Upcoming Episodes
2/2 – PSA Hell: Energy and Safety with the Justice League
2/9 – Youngblood #7
2/16 – ROMTROSPECTIVE: ROM Spaceknight #1-40
2/23 – ROMTROSPECTIVE: ROM Spaceknight #41-75
3/2 – The Star Wars #1
3/9 – Batman: Jazz #3
3/16 – Mr. T and the T-Force #3
3/23 – PATREON: Big Bang Presents #3: Protoplasman!
3/30 – PATREON: Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines (RPG Game)

As with all scheduling, it is subject to change for one reason or another. As you can see, we’re also going to be doing another look at an entire series – Marvel’s ROM Spaceknight in what I hope will become an annual thing. People really enjoyed March of the Titans, so while I wasn’t able to do it last year, I will be hopefully doing an overview of a series every year that I actually enjoy, its highs and its lows, and anything else I can squeeze in for fun. I’m also doing the first of the Patreon-sponsored reviews! I’ll have my first video game review since (I think) 2009 at the end of the month, so be sure to check ’em out!

If you haven’t been paying attention to my twitter as of late or me in streams or whatnot, you may not have heard, but pretty soon I’m going to be using a different video player on the site. Screenwave is the same player that’s utilized by Team Four Star as well as Cinemassacre, so hopefully this will not only mean more people can watch it, but we’ll be fixing a problem I’ve been having for the last few months. More or less: revenue is in the crapper. Part of this is the lack of midrolls ever since the Patreon surpassed that goal, part of it is just Maker’s not really pursuing anything major for Blip, and part of it is… who the hell knows? Either way, I’m feeling pretty good about Screenwave and hopefully no one will have any issues.

Now what is this going to mean for the site? Not too much differently. I have no strong desire to go through 700+ videos and alter them ALL to Screenwave if I don’t have to, so the backlog is going to remain on Blip. For that matter, in case you DO encounter difficulty with Screenwave, I’m going to keep cross-posting to Blip. There’s no reason NOT to, but in the future I’ll just be linking to it instead of embedding the video on the site.

Movie Update
I am proud to announce that not only is the movie fully funded, but we have surpassed BOTH milestone goals! At the time of this posting, it has several more hours to go, but we’re $2000 OVER the $60,000 level, which is pretty damn impressive in my humble opinion and I have ALL OF YOU to thank for it! Even if you didn’t contribute, I know you guys were supporting us in spirit and you’ll be supporting it even more when it’s released!

So what happens now? Where is the extra money going?

Well, $40,000 was the bare minimum necessary for producing the film and covering costs. The extra money will be going into:
-Increased pay for the actors/crew
-Covering unforeseen amounts due to accident/damage/increased costs/acts of God/etc.
-Expanding the bridge set! Originally, the Bridge would not be closed off and we’d rotate the wall sections for different shots, since that was more cost-effective. Now we can afford to have a complete Bridge!
-Potentially STORING the Bridge set. There’s going to be a lot of work going into this Bridge and I’d like to keep it for future filming, but since we’re renting studio space for it, it wasn’t really convenient, but now we might be able to afford storing it for some time and pulling it out for future projects so it’s not always green screen!

That’s what we’ve got for now, but my assistant director and I are going to be going over the budget this week to reorganize it and see what we’re going to be doing with it. I’m also going to start putting together a spreadsheet with all the contributors and their rewards, since many people put money in more than once, which alters their contribution level and I need to actually figure out who is getting what. Now in case you haven’t been paying attention to the campaign, what were the two milestones we accomplished?
-At the $50,000, the movie is going to be released online for everyone to see! Much like the anniversary movies, it will likely be split into multiple parts. I’m thinking three parts right now, but that may change when we get closer to its completion. It will also be released daily.
-At the $60,000 level, that unlocked releasing the film on DVD in a 2-disc edition crammed with extras! There will be multiple commentaries (including a FAT GRANDMA COMMENTARY!), an exclusive review, a storyline recap sketch, a making-of documentary, bloopers, and as much else as we can include on there!

What will likely be happening is that we’ll offer two different versions of the movie on DVD – one is the two-disc edition (all the IndieGoGo contributors who contributed at a level to receive a copy will get the 2-disc version) as well as a one-disc, bare-bones edition that will be cheaper for people. Final decisions haven’t been made there, but I’ll keep people updated.

The current plan is to NOT interrupt the regular show while we’re working on the movie, so I’m going to be working overtime to try to produce episodes waaay in advance so I won’t still be working on it while also working on the movie.

History of Power Rangers
First of all, a reminder to everyone that my overview of Power Rangers: RPM is coming on March 19th! Due to the movie and the summertime Longbox, I haven’t set an exact schedule yet for Samurai and Megaforce, but needless to say they’re both coming this year. Most likely Samurai will be in August and Megaforce in December again. Sorry about the long wait, but other projects get in the way of things. In the meantime, we can watch Dino Charge and add another series to look over. The good news is that the end is in sight and we DO have an advantage on our side here with Samurai and Megaforce, since I’ve already seen both and therefore don’t have to pay as close attention for my rewatch!

Now let’s move on to another topic here. Now, those of you who have been following me on Youtube have noticed that History of Power Rangers was up there for a little while, but has since been taken down. I’m pretty sure I’ve explained this before, but if you haven’t heard, what happened was that Toei had them taken down and I got copyright strikes on my account. In fact, it’s only in February that these strikes will FINALLY be lifted. Saban does not mind History of Power Rangers – they enjoy the promotion and as long as I’m not trying to sell anything, it’s all good. Toei, however, apparently felt that I was using super sentai clips and doesn’t give a crap. And while I could have tried to challenge it, I decided it wasn’t worth the headache. However, I have another solution I wish to propose to people: audio-only versions of HOPR. The video footage will be supplemented with still frames from episodes, which may not be as satisfying for people, and stuff like the intro sequences, teasers, and stingers may have to be cut, but it IS an option and I wanted to know what people thought. Naturally I’d include a text/audio clip saying that these are a cut version and if they want to see the uncut version they should come to the site.

One last thing – I intend to do a little George Lucasing of the Power Rangers in Space video for the official bit – namely cutting out the bit concerning SF Debris. The thing is that at the time, I was concerned about people thinking I was ripping off a similar thing he had done for his review of the TNG finale “All Good Things,” got his go-ahead to do it, and then put in a disclaimer after it and pointing people to his youtube channel. Of course, he no longer HAS a youtube channel, so that’s moot now, plus we’re so far removed from both videos that it just feels like it interrupts the mood and flow.

An influx of new Patreon sponsors has gotten me thinking about something I’d like to try out. I floated the idea over in the Patreon itself, but I figure I might as well check it out over here, too. One of the issues I had with the Patreon is that I didn’t set the milestones very far apart – meaning when they ALL got fulfilled, I’m still playing catch-up with them. The AT4W Episode Guide has been pushed back due to the movie AND the summertime Longbox videos. I’m still going to work on it this year, but it’s likely that it won’t show up until Christmastime. Still, it’s something I’m thinking about here and want to propose a new milestone at $4000 – an advent calendar.

Well, I say that, but what I mean is releasing a video every day from December 1st through December 24th. Now some of those spots will be filled by Atop the Fourth Wall episodes, but that will also include extra Longbox of the Damned episodes, riffs, extra History of Power Rangers-related minutiae, vlogs, mini-reviews of comics, and you get the idea. Now some say this would be an INSANE idea considering the extra workload I already have going for this year, but I’m kind of kooky like that and want to hear what people think of the idea, even if it’s not this year but the next.

Longbox of the Damned
I think I’ve pretty much already announced this, but in case you missed it, the Summertime Longbox of the Damned shall be Rise of the Marvel Zombies, where I’ll look over every single Marvel Zombies-related comic throughout July (this would include Marvel Apes and some of the Deadpool comics featuring Headpool). They will be a mixture of ENTIRELY voiceover as well as bits with Moarte on-screen, similar to how James Rolfe usually does Monster Madness with the mixture of live action shots or all voiceover of movie footage. The regular Longbox of the Damned will be the standard mix of comics all over the place, from superheroes with a supernatural bent to straight up pants-crapping terror.

That being said, one other thing I’d like to hear some opinions about for future summertime Longbox videos – would anyone be interested in seeing different hosts? I’ve kind of liked the idea of a mad scientist horror host, so Dr. Linksano could host a month worth of Longbox, or perhaps if I do a Twilight Zone-themed month, we’d have a Rod Serling-esque narrator for the comics. Naturally Moarte will be hosting Rise of the Marvel Zombies, but like all things I’d love to hear some feedback on whether people would be interested in the idea.

Kind of last minute, but I’m adding on another convention appearance I’ll be making at the end of March!

AggieCon – I will be a guest of AggieCon from March 26th-29th at the Hilton Hotel & Conference Center in College Station, TX!

Midwest Media Expo – I will also be going to Midwest Media Expo for its second year! This time I will be joined by the Nostalgia Critic team (Doug Walker, Rob Walker, Malcolm Ray, and Tamara Chambers), Rantasmo, and Brad Jones! April 10-12 in Detroit, MI!

Reposting these from the last State of the Wall in case you missed them!
Just FYI if you’re still not aware of it, I have been uploading older videos (at least one year old) to youtube for a while now! If it’s easier for you to binge there, feel free, though be aware that some of the content has been edited (usually just the ending credits music) to deal with youtube’s contentID system. At the time of this State of the Wall post, the Entity arc has just begun (two older episodes of AT4W are uploaded each week after the new one premieres here). I also add additional commentary on the episodes, sometimes long and sometimes short, that’ll eventually be compiled as ruminations for the AT4W episode guide coming out next year. You can check out the page HERE!

Please Keep Circulating the Links
As many have noticed, I’ve put a thing at the end of the credits asking people to “Keep Circulating the Links” and they’ve been wondering what that means exactly. It’s pretty simple – you like Atop the Fourth Wall? You think there are others who would like it? Circulate the links! Share the site, share the videos, and encourage people to check it out and become viewers. Hell, if it’s easier on them, share the links to the youtube page. Let’s get some new people interested in this little show about an idiot reviewing awful comic books (and sometimes Power Rangers)!

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