ARTIST FOUND! Announcement to follow and comments closed.

Well, as I explained in an earlier blog post, Leonardo Freites, the artist for Revolution of the Mask, is missing. I’ve made several efforts to contact him over the past few months (he lives in Argentina, which means I can’t exactly bop over to his place and knock on the door) and have had no reply.

I, however, wish to move on with Revolution of the Mask. When I made the joke in Superman vs. Terminator about Issue 3 coming out thirty years later, it was supposed to ONLY be a joke, but it’s quickly becoming a reality. As such, I have been forced to this step:

I’m looking for an artist. Hit “read more” for the details.

-I’m looking for someone to finish penciling and inking Revolution of the Mask’s remaining ten issues. I will indeed pay per page and the rate can be negotiated when I select an artist, plus revenue for the book will be divided up equally between the artist and myself, which brings me to my next stipulation:

-The artist must have access to Paypal. Leo was paid via Western Union and while that was all well and good, the fees were irritating as all hell and made it nearly impossible to get him his earnings. Things will be considerably more simplified if the artist has a paypal account that I can just transfer money to.

-Each issue consists of 22 inked pages and one color cover. I can provide both cover ideas as well as the Revolution of the Mask logo that can be inserted into it once the cover is completed.

-RESPOND TO THIS POST IF YOU ARE INTERESTED. Details should include samples of your artwork (preferably a DeviantArt account), an e-mail address where you can be contacted, your name, and any other information you feel is necessary. However, entries should SPECIFICALLY include two things:
1. A sketch based on one of the characters at the bottom of this post.
2. A sample of sequential artwork (it doesn’t have to be a full comic, just a page would be nice). After all, I’m not looking for a pin-up artist here, but someone who can tell a story in comic form.

-While preferably I’d like someone whose style was similar to Leo’s (due to the likelihood of Revolution of the Mask being collected in trade at a future point), I won’t ignore other possibilities for the art style.

-There is no due date on this search – it will continue until I have found an artist and at which point I’ll lock comments for this post. Otherwise, I will endeavor to keep the post at the top of the Blog during periods where there is no new video (i.e. from Thursdays to Sundays).

-It is entirely possible that Leo will at some point contact me and let me know what has been happening and wish to take up art duties. If that does occur, we’ll cross that bridge if and when it happens.

I look forward to seeing if people are interested! Ask any questions and I will update this post to include clarifications and answers. In the meantime, here are the sample characters from Revolution of the Mask:

Eighth Wonder, Dusk, or Mystery Man

Joyful Jenny



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