600th Episode

600 episodes and it always comes back to the wallcrawler.

The “This Comic Sucks!” shirt can be ordered HERE!

600th Episode Stuff!

In case you weren’t aware, the 600th episode is coming up this Monday!

In honor of it, we’re going to have some fun! For starters, this Saturday, April 25th at 1 PM Central time, we’re going to have ourselves an all-day Livestream celebrating it! There’ll be guests, some games, play some old episodes, basically just have a fun time! There’s no guarantee we’ll show the 600th, unfortunately, mostly because I don’t know how far along I’ll be on it by the time we get there. Still, you can enjoy the festivities HERE!

Next up, can you believe that in 12 years, I never had a t-shirt for one of the most enduring catchphrases of the show – This Comic Sucks? Well, now I do! Over on Shark Robot, we’re premiering a new shirt that you can pre-order HERE with artwork by Viga!

And finally, on the subject of t-shirts, we’re holding a sale over at the Teespring store! In honor of the 600th episode, all items in the Teespring store are 20% off if you use the Promo Code AT4W600 at checkout! If you were waiting to get any merch, now is the time! It’ll last until May 4th, so take advantage while you can! Visit the Teespring store HERE!

That’s it for now, come back on Monday for the 600th episode, because it’s going to be a good one!


Action Comics #775

Nothing like doing VERY villainous things to show your team is made of good guys!

It’s weird that the thing this has in common with last week’s episode is people with less clothes on.