Marvel vs. DC

Now let’s do the version where it’s their licensed books from other franchises fighting each other.


Someday, a Youngblood character will brave an ancient temple to try to find whatever was taken out of this comic that made it good.

After working on this for weeks and months, the 3D-printed Comicron One model is now available on the Storenvy! We’re currently doing Preorders since it takes a day or so to print one, so I need to build up some stock, but they’ll ship no later than March 28th! You can purchase it HERE!

Otherwise, if you have a 3D Printer yourself and want to give a stab at it, all the models I use for printing are now available for purchase at Cults3D! This includes the Comicron One model, Robomats, the mini-Pollo, and an AT4W symbol!

If you want to check out those files, you can click HERE!

The heartwarming story of two scientists finding love in the unlikeliest of places.