A Voice From the Dark can now be purchased on CD! While we’re still a ways off for a DVD with all the bells and whistles, the CD version contains a lyric sheet for the new song featured in the audio drama (since we couldn’t obtain the rights to The Time Warp) as well as 25 minutes of outtakes and bloopers!

And since it’s a new product in the Kunaki store, the prices for the rest of the DVDs have gone down by $5 (no lower than $10 for any one DVD)!
You can purchase the CD and past Atop the Fourth Wall DVDs below:

Purchase via Credit Card: HERE!
Purchase via Paypal: HERE!

Also known as “General Hux’s no good, very bad day.”

Linkara and Viga see the finale of the sequel trilogy! …I forgot to hit scale to frame size on the third file of the recording.

It’s that time again! Sorry about the lack of one for the last block or so of episodes. October was a busy, busy time and of course with the holidays ramping up, this is no different. Look under the cut for more information!
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Small miracles, big fists.