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AT4W Facebook Fan Page
No, I have not reversed my position on the utter pointlessness of Facebook.

However, a bunch of fans have banded together to create a fan page on Facebook, organized under Sakura Mahal! And since it’ll get people off my back about it (hopefully), I’m pretty much making it official. I’m giving her authorization to represent me there, though just to be clear it is NOT me who posts there, but her – she relays questions to me via e-mail and she posts the answers I provide (though with my e-mail backlog it can sometimes take a while).

You can find it HERE or along the sidebar!

She’s also holding a t-shirt contest in honor of the group recently getting 2000 members! The full details can be found HERE, and you can ignore the bit about providing a mailing address ahead of time (I’d rather people’s addresses NOT be sent considering 99% of the entrants aren’t going to be getting anything, thus we shouldn’t ask for any addresses until someone wins).

Otherwise, the facebook page will be added to the sidebar, so take a gander, join up, do all that stuff that people use facebook for that exist in other places and therefore I have no use for it! …Or just join up because, hey, you can talk with other AT4W fans and other announcements and stuff. ^_^

AT4W Upcoming Episodes List
Going a bit farther ahead because of the four-parter in July/August, but needless to say hope you look forward to everything that’s coming up!

5/16 – Ultimatum #1-2
5/23 – Ultimatum #3-4
5/30 – Ultimatum #5
6/6 – SCI-Spy #2
6/13 – Miller Time: Batman and Spawn
6/20 – Gameboy #1
6/27 – Eminem and the Punisher #1
7/4 – Eminem and the Punisher #2
7/11 – Barbi Twin Adventures #1
7/18 – Rise of Arsenal #1
7/25 – Rise of Arsenal #2
8/1 – Rise of Arsenal #3
8/8 – Rise of Arsenal #4

Here’s another podcast! I recorded it recently with the Electric Information Show and you can download it HERE.

The Making of Warrior #1
Watch a bunch of nerds try to figure out how to hang up a green screen for the aborted intro to the Superman 4 crossover review as well as us figuring out different ways of hanging goggles from our heads in this footage Coldguy originally recorded!

Doom’s IV #2 Commentary
Also enjoy me trying to figure out why I started off saying “Now we’ve got it!” in my second episode!

IE9 Compatability
Some of you using Internet Explorer 9 (like myself) may have noticed that videos that are posted here from last January and back are now appearing strangely. Long story short, Blip’s new video player has an issue with IE9 or IE9 has an issue with Blip’s player, etc., etc. – the point is that older videos not containing a new tag they started adding are appearing as broken quicktime links or similar broken links. I CAN manually fix this, but it means going back and changing the embed codes for over 100 videos. I’m trying to find a way to fix them all automatically (the way suggested by Blip isn’t working), but we’ll see.

I may have to go back and do it anyway, since Blogspot now has a feature where you can create new permanent pages and since I still don’t have an official website for AT4W (I will eventually – it’ll just take a while), I’m thinking of creating a permanent archive page for videos, which means I’ll have to go and get links to each video page, anyway.

Just another reminder, Comcast, AOL, and a few other e-mail providers still reject my e-mail responses (I really need to get around to trying to fix that), so sadly if you’re sending me e-mails through them you probably won’t get a response. As to people asking me about donations they’ve sent – I’ve honestly been really busy the last few weeks and I’ve been trying to catch up on e-mails, but I haven’t had the time to sit down and answer as many as I’d like. I’ll keep trying, but please just be patient.

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