Odd and End


Well, click on “Read More” to see the general update of things for the show, plans for the future, or all that other fun stuff!

I’m keeping it under the cut this time mostly because some fans have expressed that they wish to avoid reading what’s coming up and prefer to be surprised. Fair enough. The Schedule of Upcoming Episodes is up first, just FYI.

Schedule of Upcoming Episodes
6/4 – Marvel Team-Up #74
6/11 – Blake’s 7 #2
6/18 – Battle For Bludhaven #1-2
6/25 – Battle for Bludhaven #3-4
7/2 – Battle for Bludhaven #5-6
7/9 – Sir Charles Barkley and the Referee Murders
7/16 – Captain Electron #1
7/23 – Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
7/30 – 200th Episode

As always, the schedule is subject to change if it turns out the material is boring or pretty decent or some other reason. However, I’m fairly confident with this run that people are going to like what’s coming up.

The show storyline will resume this Monday at the end of the Batman: A Word to the Wise review.

History of Power Rangers Update
Well, so far only one person has legitimately asked when the Mystic Force videos will go up, so I guess I’ll see you all next year when that happens.

I’m kidding, of course. I have no intention of letting another eight months go by without an update. Here’s what I can tell: I haven’t watched any more since the last time. The thing about History of Power Rangers is that if I’m watching the show, I’m giving it my full attention and taking notes. Recently you may have noticed on my twitter that I’ve been watching movies in my off time, particularly the Amityville Horror series. Really it’s for my own enjoyment as well as education, which I’ll be getting into below.

The thing is, I don’t have to pay TOO much attention to these movies while I watch them. Sure, I’m a snarky critic and I’ll make jokes at its expense and I’ll see plot holes and whatnot, but since I don’t have anything business related going to it, I can focus my main attention on other projects. I’m the kind of guy who really needs background noise while I work – usually in the form of watching videos of other video producers, but in this case I’m watching movies while I work on cybermats or props or the costume I’m assembling for Animinneapolis. And since Animinneapolis has a deadline for me that I NEED the costume for (especially since I’ve promised I’ll be wearing it), it takes priority over History of Power Rangers.

That’s the thing – it’s all a matter of priorities and whatever has a time limit takes priority over others. Still, rest assured the series is NOT ending just because there are long gaps between videos, so don’t worry about that. It’ll only end when there are no Power Rangers series left or if I just get too frustrated by the amount of “When’s the Next History of Power Rangers?” when the answer is and always will be, “When it’s done.”

Longbox of the Damned
I’ve been announcing this on twitter, but for those who haven’t followed it, this October I’m going to be trying a little experiment. Those of you familiar with James Rolfe’s work are probably familiar with Cinemassacre’s Monster Madness, wherein every day during the month of October he spends about 3-10 minutes talking about horror movies, from the obscure to the bizarre to the most famous. While I’m generally a fan of horror, there’s a lot out there that I’ve never seen, so I’m trying to educate myself in as much as I can get my hands on, though I’m of course trying to find the good or the enjoyably bad. The Amityville series has a wonderful collection of the good, the decent, and unfortunately the boring (the third and fifth movies in particular are atrociously dull).

Anyway, my continued enjoyment of horror has gotten me thinking about how much I enjoy Monster Madness whenever it comes around. As such, I’ve decided to do my own version, but my show will be focused on horror comics and trust me, there are a lot. I’m even inventing a new character, a horror host, who will introduce and talk about the comics – Moarte, a ghoul who was doomed to forever take care of the Longbox of the Damned.

Now, since this will be a new show in October and I’ll be updating every day, this is going to be very experimental for me. I’m going to try to get most of it done with ahead of time, since Atop the Fourth Wall will still update at its regular time and I have plans for the story running through this year’s stuff. And no, it will not be Silent Hill and it will not be A Nightmare on Elm Street like I teased last year (not that I’ll never get to it, but rather I have a different franchise I’d like to talk about).

As for the Longbox, I’ve already got A LOT of material to go through. Sometimes it’ll be a single story in an anthology, sometimes it’s something very well known like Marvel Zombies, or something from manga like Uzumaki. There won’t be any over-arching theme this year since this is the first time I’m trying this out – just to test the waters and see if people like it or not, what should be dropped or not for future installments, and etc. Unlike Atop the Fourth Wall, this will be on both the good and the bad, sometimes stuff meant to be horrifying and other times just stuff that has horror elements to it (without being expressly MEANT as horror).

I’m also looking for a theme song for it… but not anything long. The thing is, the videos will probably average around 4-5 minutes in length, so there’s no need for a big, minute-long theme. I’m thinking something 15-30 seconds long. I’ve considered making a contest for it, but I’m not entirely certain about it since I don’t know how much time I’d have to evaluate candidates (and hell, just think about how long it took me to do the Pollo Contest). Still, I haven’t got anything for it, and I’m looking for something both cool and creepy, like the Goosebumps theme song or the Invader Zim theme, things that understand the material they’re working with. But yeah, nothing definite about what I’ll be doing yet in that department.

Lightbringer and Revolution of the Mask Updates
Good news on the horizon for both of these. SouZou has about four pages left of the next issue of Revolution of the Mask, so hooray! I’m thinking this one will not go under Brain Scan Comics (mostly because they seem to be dead, anyway), and I’ll try to find a comic printer where I can publish the other two issues and properly distribute them in a form where people can own physical copies of them.

On the Lightbringer front, Serge has been hard at work producing pages. I actually have quite a few that I’m sitting on. Why? Because the last time that Lightbringer came back, the pages were went through rather quickly, leading to some dead space, especially since Serge has other projects that he works on. The good news, though, is that I’m planning on continuing the series once he finishes up the storyline, which I believe has about 4-5 pages remaining. I’m still considering releasing them two times a week instead of once a week, but we’ll see where we are there, since then I need to get working on the next storyline’s script. And, well, as I stated above, some things take priority over others.

MAGFest Crossover
Speaking of long-awaited things… yes, this crossover is still going to get released, even if it’s been about 4 or 5 months since MAGFest. I was waiting on the footage from everyone else and now I have it. As these things go, other projects tended to sideline this one. It’s unfortunate, but it happens. Still, I’m going to try to work on it this weekend and get it out for people to watch and enjoy ASAP and it will probably come in the form of two videos due to its length.

Speaking of crossovers, I also recorded two other crossovers while filming the Fourth Year Anniversary for TGWTG, and those will still happen, as well, it’s just, well, priorities again. Noticing a pattern there? XD

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