Likely Episode Delay


Sooo I had been planning on having this week be the one where I do a double feature of Captain America Meets the Asthma Monster along with Superman and Spider-Man (since one is shorter and the other longer), but I’ve hit a bit of a snag there. The laundry room in my house is right next to my office and the washer has a hose that dumps water into the sink tub when it runs. Well, unbeknownst to us, there was a small clog in the drain… and the clothing load set to a large one, with it being set and then we left to run some errands.

While we were gone, it of course overflowed and water got everywhere. Good news is that nothing was permanently damaged and as far as we can tell, no electrical damage or the like. The bad news is that there was SO MUCH water that it leaked into my office. My CARPETED office. And the thing about situations like this is that the water gets under the carpet and into the cushioning, so the carpet is basically acting a bit like a sponge – pushing water ever farther in whenever we step on it. As a result, it’s almost reached the complete opposite side of the room.

The carpet in pretty much the entire office needs to come up, be disinfected and cleaned, and all the water removed and we need to check and make sure mold didn’t get in anywhere. As a reminder, this is my office – you know, where I do the show. Like I said, nothing is damaged (there may have been some minor warping of the base of the shelves behind the futon, but even if that was a BIG issue, the shelves are cheap and replaceable), but I need to empty out the office of everything so they can do what they need to. All my computer equipment and furniture needs to be taken out. And the entire process takes a few days to complete, so while I may be able to set up my computers elsewhere to work, I can’t do the regular episode in that space.

This will take a little bit of time to resettle and I can always film the episode elsewhere, but since this may get in the way of things, it’s unlikely we’ll have the double feature this Monday… and probably also likely that the episode will be delayed.

So yeah, thanks for your patience everyone. I shouldn’t need any financial assistance to compensate for this since we rent our house, but I’ll let you guys know if we end up needing to do some kind of fundraiser stream or something. It’s just kind of stressful on top of everything else, what with the car crash a few weeks ago and planning for convention trips.

I don’t know what this will mean for the summer Longbox episodes. As I’ve said elsewhere, the scripts for those are all done and I’ve been eager to film them and get to work on them, but right now my supply room is filled up with stuff taken out of the office.

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