Hey, guys, really hate to do this, but sadly for the first (and likely last time since this with this one, we’re caught up), I will sadly have to break my Patreon-created schedule for History of Power Rangers.

Here’s the deal: a combination of a screwed-up sleep schedule, Christmas preparations, work on the movie DVD (and subsequently fulfillment of Patreon rewards) slowed down my rewatch of the show. And while those are hard to get through, I’d probably still be able to get it all done with on the 24th like I had originally planned… buuuut a new hiccup came in while I was writing it: namely that History of Power Rangers: Megaforce will be the LONGEST History of Power Rangers at 5 parts. I have a 44-page script for it and by comparison, Samurai was 31 pages. I honestly have no idea how that happened, especially since I took great care this time to REALLY only talk about significant plot details and Megaforce has so few of them, but there you go.

So yeah, this is going to take me a bit of time. I recorded it all this morning and have just finished editing the first part, which will be up for $2+ Patreon users within the hour. Fortunately, my first Christmas won’t be until the evening with my family, so I have pretty much the entirety of Christmas Eve to edit more (with a goal of at least 2 parts finished there) and I have Christmas Day to myself, so when all is said and done, everything SHOULD be released by the 25th, 26th at the latest.

However, this amount of work editing it might create an additional problem. Since my second Christmas will be on the 26th and starting much earlier, I don’t know yet if I’ll have the Atop the Fourth Wall episode finished in time for Monday. I’m certainly going to try and I want it released at least for Tuesday, but for the moment, History of Power Rangers is my priority here since it’s so many videos and, well, you guys have been waiting a long time again and I think people would prefer me ranting about Power Rangers more than me looking back at my old stuff and thinking up jokes that I should have included.

In any event, I hope everyone has a good holiday weekend and hopefully you’ll be able to see the last History of Power Rangers for a while soon!

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