What the heck is Atop the Fourth Wall? Who are you?

Atop the Fourth Wall is a webseries where I summarize and review horrible comic books and make jokes. Sometimes there are storylines in them, wherein an overweight comic book reviewer battles robots, monsters, and interdimensional conquerors. Who am I? I am Lewis (or my screenname Linkara, if you’d prefer), an overweight comic book nerd.

Wait, there are storylines? How do I know which ones have them or not?

Yep! The storylines were introduced a loooong while ago as an homage to the often ridiculous, yet awesome nature of superhero comic stories. In it, the character of Linkara goes on epic adventures… well, more like adventures come to him since this is still a zero-budget operation… that involve magic guns, dead children, and the occasional eldritch abomination spawned from video game glitches.

If an episode has a storyline bit, it will have this handy-dandy tag in the corner of an episode’s title card or thumbnail!

Why don’t you split the storylines from the reviews? I don’t want to watch storylines.

And plenty of other fans feel the same way! Fortunately, the great thing about online media is that there is a progress bar that can be used to skip the storyline bits (on the rare occasion that it’s happening at the beginning of a video) and go right to the review if that is your preference. However, most of the time I put the storylines at the end in order to make it easier for people to avoid them, usually even putting them after the credits.

As to why they’re not a separate video series altogether? Mostly because I feel the reviews help compliment and inform the storylines and are pretty much a part of the show and the mythos for it, so separating them at this point would just be kind of silly and unnecessary.

When’s the next History of Power Rangers/Let’s Play/Other Video?

The thing about those videos is that they are side projects. Atop the Fourth Wall is released every week on Monday and is what attracts the most viewers. As such, I don’t have as much free time to work on those other videos (some of them involving many, MANY hours of time investment just to come up with a script, not even getting into recording and editing). I work on them when I have free time to do so, but there is no set schedule for their release. If I was going to end a series, I will be sure to make a big production out of it and shout it from the mountaintop in order to make sure everyone hears the news.

How can I support you and the shows you make?

There are a number of ways! First and foremost is to just watch them while letting the ads play. Other ways would include purchasing a t-shirt or the DVDs for the show. If you want to donate props or comics for review, feel free to check out the Contact Me section to learn how!

If you’d prefer offering me direct monetary support, I suggest checking out my Patreon! There are several perks to becoming a supporter and you can end your patronage at your leisure.

I’m currently running an adblocker. You got a problem with that?

If that is your choice, I certainly cannot stop you. If you do it because you’re worried about viruses/malware or because the ads sometimes cause things to lock up, I completely understand. However, if you wish to support independent creators on the web, it should be noted that advertising revenue is where we get the majority of our income and 30 seconds to a minute out of your life is not really that much in the grand scheme of things. As such, please feel free to Whitelist this and any other sites to help support creators of independent media.

Why are some of your videos embedded on the site while others link to other sites?

A lot of my income comes from advertisements on youtube videos. Unfortunately, youtube tends to prefer you watch videos on youtube itself, meaning that advertisement will either not show up or show less frequently on a video embedded on a website. As such, it’s in my best interest to link stuff like Atop the Fourth Wall episodes to youtube rather than simply putting the episodes up. For other shorter videos, marathoning them makes more sense than just linking to individual episodes, so I place the embeds there. Older videos in particular aren’t going to be getting as much ad revenue, so it makes more sense to just leave them as embeds, anyway.

I’m having a problem with the DVD I ordered. Can you help?

Certainly! 99% of the time, if a DVD hasn’t arrived yet, it’s because you ordered it through Paypal but didn’t have a shipping address linked to your Paypal account. As such, it may have charged you, but the order hasn’t passed through to Kunaki to ship it out. Just provide me a shipping address and I’ll have one sent out to you ASAP. Any other issues, contact me and I’ll see what I can do!

Why haven’t you answered my questions before?

I am, unfortunately, only made of imperfect fleshy human bits and have not yet perfected my new cyborg body with multiple arms that would allow me to work on ten things at once. As such, chances are good that I just did not have the time to answer your question and it fell by the wayside. Or it was something that I had answered already relatively recently, so I didn’t feel like answering it again so soon. I do apologize for this, but most questions DO get answered and I try my best to respond when I can.

Why aren’t you as popular as the BeeGees?

I don’t know yet, but I’m working on it.

I found a broken thing on the website!!!

On a long enough timeline, that tends to happen. But not to worry, our top man is here to help. Take a screenshot and tweet it to The Engineer.

I found a video page that doesn’t seem to have a video on it. Where is it?

My videos have gone through a number of different hosts. Unfortunately, most of them have now gone out of business and some have not been reuploaded to youtube or another host. It will happen eventually, but sadly some videos take priority over others, so I’m sorry if there’s a video you’d like to watch that isn’t currently available.