As people may have noticed as of late, Movie Adaptation Month has caused me to slip back into releasing content late. There are a number of factors to why this is happening, mostly personal life ones, but also just because I’ve got a loooot of projects all hitting at the same time – History of Power Rangers, the Cassandra Cain retrospective, and A Voice From the Dark.

It was not INTENDED for them to all hit so close to each other. When I started work on A Voice From the Dark, the plan was to have it out in late-April, but several factors (namely availability of people to record their lines either in a group or on their own and in turn needing to edit it and not wanting to announce until it was halfway done) kept forcing me to delay it. The History of Power Rangers episode, as you know, was supposed to come out a week before the Cassandra Cain retrospective started to keep them separated because of the workload… and then I had more things come up that forced me to restructure its release date.

And here we are – because the Superman 4 AT4W episode ended up taking far longer than it should have to complete and thus my big watchthrough of Ninja Steel ended up taking place over Thursday and Friday, I haven’t had a chance to record the videos yet.

So this is the current plan – The first two episodes of the Cassandra Cain retrospective are being pushed back to June 10th as opposed to having the first part on the 3rd, with the first part covering No Man’s Land and the first half of her solo series and Part 2 covering the second half. If it turns out that the first part ALONE is such a nightmare, then I’m going to push the retrospective into the first week of July and cancel the episode I had INTENDED to do for then (US-1 #8). I want things back on schedule just as much as everyone else and it would REALLY suck if we had to push it into July because I do have a convention that first weekend.

I am sorry again about all these delays. I know you guys can say “We understand and will wait,” but if I announce a release date for something I should be able to stick with it.

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