Hey, people!

Just wanted to give you guys about a month’s worth of heads-up. First of all, I shall be making some convention appearances come October!

First up:


I’ve been attending FallCon as a patron for a few years now am happy to finally get to be there with a Table! I’ll be there with a printed copy of Revolution of the Mask for people to take a gander at, (hopefully) a video monitor to play Atop the Fourth Wall episodes (maybe even a sneak preview of the episode for that coming week), comics I’ve reviewed that I’ll be happy to sign and sell, as well as T-shirts and random toys that I’ve owned that I want to get rid of (which I’ll also sign for free if purchased).


If you check the guest list, you won’t see me there, mostly because there was an error at first – they accidentally put me under Team FourStar’s banner (not that I wouldn’t be proud to be a part of that group of awesome, but I’m just not a part of them) and when Mike Michaud corrected them, they just didn’t add me into the normal Guest List.

Still, I will be there probably with similar trappings (though probably less t-shirts, toys, and videos playing), but hey, I’ll be there and so will The Nostalgia Critic! Hopefully his voice will not be dead like the last time I went to see him and you can chat with him, too!

So I’ll hopefully be seeing you in October!

EDIT: Let me clarify – I won’t be SELLING copies of Revolution of the Mask; I’m pretty sure I’m not allowed to do that. ^_~ Just in case you want to take a look before buying, there you go.

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