One of the Patreon rewards I used to give out (I no longer have this reward due to the time it took to produce one of these with the workload I already had) was to make a video of your choosing promoting something. Here is one that’s finished and with a channel you should check out!

Cannon Productions


Back Issues!

  • Comic Book Quickies #1

    Love, genocide, and fruit pies! All the combinations for a fun time! And that’s terrible. If you’re having trouble watching […]

  • Silent Hill: Hunger

    Perhaps people in these Silent Hill comics would shut up if they stuffed their mouths with food. This episode is […]

  • Brute Force #2

    Brute Force is back! More cybernetic animals duking it out for contrived reasons! If you’re having trouble watching this video […]

  • RANDOM?!

    Feelin'... lucky?