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Welcome to Atop the Fourth Wall, where we sit over bad comic books and set fire to them. We all know there are bad movies, bad TV shows, and bad novels, but not enough focus is given to those awful, awful comic books. Now I love comics. I can list off several titles at any given point that I’m reading and love, but some books are just plain awful.

So here’s how it works – I find a book that is so painfully bad (or one is suggested to me) and I go over it detail by detail, analyzing and scrutinizing its flaws and trying to make you laugh along the way at some of the sheer idiotic funnybooks out there. Either go to the latest review or click “Read More!” to see the archive!

All-Star Batman and Robin #1

All-Star Goddamn Batman and Dick Grayson, Age Twelve

All-Star Batman and Robin #2

Suddenly Joel Schumacher’s Batman seems subdued and well-executed.

All-Star Batman and Robin #3

Who knew the Irish had secret ninja powers?

All-Star Batman and Robin #4

So basically by Frank Miller’s own admission here Batman is a rude, murderous child abductor who cares what twelve year-olds think about his toys and eats rats when not mourning the loss of the bloody, incestuous affair he had with his mother.

All-Star Batman and Robin #5

Frank Miller once again proving that just because you CAN write doesn’t mean you SHOULD write.

All-Star Batman and Robin #6

Man, remember when the idea of Frank Miller writing Batman seemed awesome? Those days are gone forever.

Badrock #1A

The series no one demanded! Well, except perhaps the American Dental Association…

Blood Pack #1

Thrill as they sit around and bicker with confusing dialogue!

Daredevil #306

The Man Without An Editor for his Obnoxious Purple Prose!

Isaac Asimov’s Ibots #1

And Apple Computers lawsuit in 5…4…3…

Nightcat #1

The comic that makes the movie Glitter look like-

Nah, I take it back.
Glitter is still worse than this.

Secret Defenders #9

Who says there aren’t any overweight superheroes?

Sultry Teenage Super-Foxes #1

Kind of Self-Explanatory, isn’t it?

The New Guardians #2

Sex-crazed international clich├ęs vs. the awesomest villain ever ceated!

Thunderstrike #1

“Whosoever picks up this comic, if he be worthy, shall instantly regret it.”

Uncanny X-Men #423

I have to say, the people who paid 25 cents for this comic were profoundly ripped off.

Youngblood #1

The Next Generation of Zeroes!

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