NFL Superpro #1

He went from zero to hero to back to zero again in twelve issues.

If you’re having trouble watching this video on the Screenwave player, you can view it on youtube HERE.

2009 Trailer

This just premiered during the Live show. Behold a trailer for 2009’s videos.

I’m posting a LOT recently. XD Anyway, here’s a review someone did of Revolution of the Mask. So if this doesn’t convince you to buy the thing, THEN I’LL JUST HAVE TO KEEP TRYING!

I know, a bit last minute, but on Thursday at 6 PM (US Central time), will be hosting its first ever live show (and donation drive)! While I personally won’t be there, you’ll be able to see a video or two I made for the event, plus all the other awesome talent going for the site.

So head over to That Guy With the Glasses tomorrow and check it out!

And yeah, I’ll post the videos on the site soon afterwards in case you have to miss it.

Also: DONATE! It’s going to something VERY special in April that involves me. ^_~

52 in 5 Panels

This Comic in 5 Panels contains a clue!