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Full October-November List

10/5 – Silent Hill: Dying Inside #1-2

10/12 – Silent Hill: Dying inside #3-4

10/19 – Silent Hill: Dying Inside #5

10/26 – Maximum Clonage

11/2 – 22 Brides #1

11/9 – All-Star Batman and Robin, the Boy Wonder #1-2

11/16 – Doom #1

11/23 – Spider-Man, Storm, and Cage

11/30 – Bimbos in Time #1

This comic dares us to ask many questions… like why hasn’t anybody arrested the Kool-Aid Man?

If you’re having trouble watching this on the Screenwave player, you can view it on youtube HERE.

…Or rather paid-for donations.

See, the thing is I have some big plans coming up over the next several months and subsequently I like to have stuff ready ahead of time, sometimes just a month in advance and sometimes several months in advance.

As such, there are two items lately that have become rather difficult to locate.

The first is the infamous Doom Comic.

Yes, I do plan on making a review of it, but for the life of me I can’t find it. And yes, I know there’s a copy completely online, but I want the actual physical thing to hold during the review. My usual source sadly has had trouble finding it, but if one of my fans has a copy and would be willing to part with it, I’d be willing to compensate them via PayPal.

EDIT: A fan has graciously donated his morpher and I have received it. Thanks, Richard!

Otherwise, new episode will be up later today and the list of upcoming episodes will be out tomorrow night!

Behold Lewis, Doug, and Noah discussing Calvin and Hobbes, Dune, and the script read-through before they shoot the Alone in the Dark review.

Mickey Mantle #2

The crack of the bat! The roar of the crowd! The boredom of the comic reader!

If you’re having trouble watching this video on the Screenwave player, you can view it on youtube HERE.

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